the People Program

A personal milestone I would like to share since starting my journey with LifeReclamation, is that I’m currently entering my fourth week of complete sobriety. I wouldn’t have reached this milestone without being able to revisit certain traumas pertaining to my childhood, failed marriage, and relationships in my adult life.

Reliving each trauma and really understanding the role I played in each incident and outcome has made me realize that I was on the path of becoming more of a liability than an asset to myself.

I’m still a work in progress, but to be in my fourth week of complete sobriety, I can only think about how TIR has helped reshape the image I have for myself and the man/partner I’m working to become. C

Traumatic Incident Reduction

Our sessions together saved my life. I’ve tried hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, exercise, prayer, to heal my mind. However none of that was as effective as our sessions together. I had so many epiphanies with you. Thanks so much for all you do. T

Life Stress Reduction

I have dealt with difficult things over the years.  I have done many things to find relief.  There is a lot out there. I have to say working with Mike has been such a help to me. He is a good listener and customizes my session to my needs.  He meets me where I am at and helps me move up scale.  He has ways to help me overcome my resistance and blocks.  I can feel his caringness which is healing in itself.  He creates a space to let me talk and express.  It is a space free from judgment and allows me to be, process my stuff, and upgrade my life.  He is a compassionate listener and is very good at what he does.  I feel lighter and much better after our sessions.  I feel so grateful I found Mike.  He is a good human being helping others.  I highly recommend him. R

Life Stress Reduction

I first heard of Mike from a friend who mentioned Traumatic Incident Reduction. At that time, I'd been through a few therapists but still kept experiencing unresolved conflicts in my personal relationships. Working with Mike supported me in sorting out my feelings from facts, and for the first time made me realize that I was living certain relationships in my life through the eyes of someone else, versus me creating and nurturing the relationships based on my own efforts and experiences. As a result of de-charging my past from the present, I was able to start building a relationship with my brother based on our own terms, an experience for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you Mike! J

Communication With The Body program

So I'm sitting here being amazed by how I feel. My body feels much lighter and, oddly, more like it is my body than I can ever recall it feeling. Apparently the two of us have decided to be friends. I notice that there is a peaceful energy flowing through my nervous system. And my blood feels more alive (I'm not too sure what "more alive " means here but that sounds like the right description of what is happening. My heart feels happy. That may be because I am at once looking into now and into the future and everything looks rosy. I think you can say I have a good case of very very positive indicators. J

Traumatic Incident Reduction

My experience with LifeReclamation has been an extraordinary journey. All of my conditioned behaviors weighed my spirit down, and by working through major life events, I have been able to reshape my present mind. I feel like the various techniques give me supported time and space to unravel my mental and emotional past. I am thankful for the structure because it has given me a whole new way to process the world around me. I believe the commitment to the exercises make the reward immeasurable. L

Life Stress Reduction

Mike has a unique ability to safely detour around the mind as gatekeeper, and around the original events of childhood to create real change. He is able to support a true and fundamental release of the core issues and traumas that are still creating the patterns and beliefs that block our progress to this day. His toolbox of healing offerings are easy, gentle, and effective. This is someone I recommend to shift and release the subconscious influences on how and why we experience the illness, conflict, and lack in our lives. T

Addiction Program

I always hoped that I would change these disruptive behaviors before it was too late or before I hit "Rock Bottom". I want to thank you for working with me and guiding me to realizations and insights I would not have discovered without your help. Thanks to you I feel healthier than ever. G

Life Stress Reduction

The service I received from Mike was compassionate, non-judgmental, and beneficial. I was referred by a friend when I was at a very low period in my life. I had no employment, had recently moved back into a relationship with my ex-husband and was looking at major surgery as the only way to heal a degenerative neck problem. I was having difficulty managing my time, finances, and relationships. Mike took me through a series of exercises, listened, provided skills, and guided me through helping myself to manage my life. He never expressed judgement when I ran late or couldn’t get it together to get through an appointment. He always listened with grace and understanding and suggested a next step to perhaps help me on my way. I would recommend Mike to anyone that needs guidance toward a more enriched life. His insight helped me to grow and his practice of taking tiny steps toward betterment has helped me have perception and passion for where I am today. D

TIR / LSR & the Addiction Program

I cannot say enough positive things about LifeReclamation and the impact it has had on my life.

I had no idea what TIR was when I began, and I had never tried memory scanning. At first it was awkward, and I felt a little silly… but I stuck with it and TIR quickly became the single most powerful transformational healing mechanism in my life.

With other modalities I had identified traumatic events from my past but that had not generated much healing or change for me. I seemed stuck in the past. With TIR I was able to see how and why I replicated the pattern again and again…continuing the cycle of trauma and self-destruction in my later years. Simultaneously I un-charged the traumatic memories so I could think or talk about them with ease.

I had several sessions where lifelong patterns of feelings or behaviors were lifted permanently. I could not believe the consistency, generosity and professionalism of my facilitator. His commitment to me and my ability to live a healthy, happy future was next level and produced RESULTS.

I feel I am finally able to make decisions freely, without a long slew of ineffective belief systems running my life.

If you are considering trying TIR I highly encourage you to begin immediately and stay with it until you get the same results. Be courageous, release your past and unlock your future. E

Traumatic Incident Reduction

The techniques used were new to me but extremely effective in eliminating the memories of traumatic incidents from the past. I have spent many years believing that if I just thought about my trauma or told enough people about my incidents that they would somehow resolve themselves. This was not true, thinking about or sharing these incidents just kept them in my mind and effected my life decisions in a very negative way. Tisha used various techniques to draw out the incidents and through repetition and by my viewing from different angles and developing new thought patterns, she was able to guide me along a path that resulted in the complete elimination of the power of the incidents over my life. I have not only lost all desire to dwell on those past incidents, it is as if they never happened. I am no longer burdened by these specters at all. She also helped me to develop some thought patterns that have been extremely helpful in dealing with present situations. I find myself using these "catch phrases" many times and they bring me back to the place where I can be myself and feel good about it. I very highly recommend TIR for anyone who is burdened by traumatic events of the past and I highly recommend Tisha. She is kind, caring, professional and a real joy to work with. A special thank you to you Tisha, you have changed my life for the better. T

Awareness Expansion

I waited a few days since our last Tuesday session before writing to see if the elation I was feeling would last before I tried to describe it…I felt like the Buddha might have when his disciples asked him whether he was a monk, a saint, or god and he said none of those, "I am awake." But being "woke" seems insufficient, especially since that is such cliché today. I finally decided that I have simply become more aware. My dictionary describes awareness as "the state or condition of being aware: having knowledge; consciousness." I have become really much more aware… J

Life Stress Reduction

This training has helped me in so many ways I am not sure how to explain it. I started not thinking it was anything more than head games. Well if it is, it's the best ones ever. It has helped me in ways I would not have believed if you told me it would help such as with pain control, stress and much more.

When my back or leg starts to hurt I ask myself questions: "How does this make my body feel?", "What does my body want me to do?". Well for the first time in 20 years the answer is not to take a pain pill. It's now look at what I am doing: "Am I comfortable, am I stressed?" "Take a deep breath and figure it out don't take the easy way and pop a pill". I have gone from taking pain pills twice a day to once or twice a week, if that.

If I am driving my car, instead of getting irritated I take a breath and tell myself "Everyone in traffic is trying to get some place, it's not just me, relax and slow down". I do not have to scream, or honk the horn (it really never helps anyway). I love being able to communicate with myself in a helpful manner and know that I am not going to stress out which makes my body hurt, makes me want to explode etc.

I am looking forward to my next session very much. I hope everyone will try this. It is a wonderful gift to yourself. V

Traumatic Incident Reduction

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much you helped me on my journey. I couldn't have done anything or be anywhere close to where I am without your help... Again I just wanted to thank you so much for being there for me. G