About LifeReclamation

The relationship we create with our clients is based solely on helping them discover the ways in which they can cause their life to blossom into a more satisfying experience.

They discover, with our client-centered but highly directive approach, that THEY are the agent of change.


   We believe each person is more than the sum of their parts, possessing unforseen potential. 

That potential can be obscured to a greater or lesser degree by our past ordeals and anguish.

Those past events or losses can cause us to feel LESS than that sum.


Our mind is not a physical thing. Feelings are likewise not physical things.

Feelings can produce effects on the body, which is a physical thing. 

Feeling depressed, anxious or "less than" occurs in the mind.

The unwanted conditions of the mind can be alleviated by direct address to the mind.

We believe those unwanted feelings are the after-effects of unwanted, unpleasant or traumatic events.

Those effects cause us to retreat from life and be less able.


Drugs are often used to dull the discomforts of life but they only cover them up, they do not solve the issue.

We don’t advocate drugs (prescribed or otherwise) as a means to  becoming more aware and able. Several of our clients have been able to reduce or eliminate their reliance on drugs. One should always consult their medical professional before altering their drug regimen.

We advocate instead a more holistic approach which in addition to transformational work might include getting better sleep, adequate exercise and a nutritious diet. While we do not know what is the correct diet or exercise regimen for your body, be assured your body does.



Tisha and Mike are both AMI Certified TIR and LSR facilitators. They have been involved in transformational work since the 1990s.  253-678-1536   253-327-3929

A thorough consultation is complimentary.

Sessions can be face to face or via video conferencing.